For all of you chocolate lovers… here’s something that will definitely help satisfy that sweet tooth!

Cafe Au Mint chocolate pie

Cafe Au Mint Chocolate PieServings: 1

2 pt coffee ice cream
1/2 c semi-sweet chocolate chips
3 tb whipping cream (or condensed
1 1/2 sleeves of girl scout thin
mint cookies (crushed)

Heavily grease sides and bottom of a 9 inch pie pan with regular (not light) stick margarine. Crumb cookies in food processor and press into pie pan. Bake this for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. Soften ice cream in refrigerator for four hours (or 1 hour room temperature). Fill baked cool pie shell with ice cream and cover with wax paper. Freeze. Melt chocolate chips and whipping cream over lowest heat and spread over pie. Refreeze.

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Have you ever wanted to utilize your photography hobby to make an extra income for yourself?

You can!  Have you ever heard of selling stock photographs? There are now various businesses who look at the internet as a source of quality photographs. In fact almost area of the internet will require an image to help their content be attractive. Therefore, they have created a heightened demand for good-quality photos that contemporary photographers cannot satisfy. This is where stock photography comes in. In fact anyone with good photography skills can make a nice living through this type of profession.

Buyers already know what they are looking for, so this is the type of photographs you should target. The stocking company takes care of the marketing and the selling process. This gives you even more time to make quality photographs to introduce to the market. Of course to begin with you need to understand the following concepts.

Building A Respectable Portfolio

Portfolios should only contain the artists best work. They must ensure that they use quality photos that will market them effectively. All photos in the portfolio should define a subject and have excellent color composition. Be careful with how far you go into editing these pictures. Too much editing can make the photo look sort of fake and unreal, which is often frowned upon in this industry. Of course great photos are in the eye of the beholder but it would help to see sites such as free high resolution images to get familiar with the industry standards.

Search For Popular Stock Photo Companies That Could Act As Your Agent

If you believe you are ready to move into the market then start contacting people who can market your merchandise. You might need to deliver some of your work to them so be ready. How they ask for your portfolio can generally depend on the individual firm. Of course there are companies like the ones at photo images for free that are situated entirely online. Check out the submission guidelines by each company before you make contact to avoid confusion. For those who enjoy photography in a specific niche there are companies that can cater to such markets. Pay attention to the companies guidelines and this sort of thing should be very clear.

Don’t Stop Taking Photographs

A portfolio should never stop growing. Generally, these companies may expect you to provide a specified number of photos over a given duration. Your photographs are yours; however this can change with some companies as they take ownership. As soon as they own the photographs you cannot sell them as a freelancer, if you do you could be breaking the law. Simply make sure you know the terms and conditions and you should be ok.

Look At Your Photographs

Individuals who have their accounts up and running must monitor their work to ensure they conform to the stipulated guidelines. After a while someone could recognise that their photography isn’t going to sell, if this is the case it should be removed. Keeping working on photographs until they sell.

People can make a great amount of money through stock photography. Just like any business, you just have to work hard to succeed and make the money that you desire.

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Time after time I get emails from people asking me to please tell them how they can start their own business. Not only is there a note of desperation in their emails but a quality of disappointment too.

It seems that they have come to the realization that all their lives they have been lied to! A good education and 40 hours a week for 40 years is NOT going to give them their dreams.
Worse yet many of them will not get the opportunity to work for 40 years as downsizing, technology and economic realities will make them obsolete.

Let me ask you a question, just a simple question really but one to which the answer can have a dramatic impact on your views.

How many of the dreams you had when you were 20 will you be able to realistically fulfill when you are 65?

If you can fulfill them, how many years of life will you have left to enjoy them?

If you are a warm, breathing, living human being, odds are that you are no longer able to do at 65 what you could at 20. Not physically at least. This means that many of your dreams will remain unfulfilled.

What to do?

You could be the 1 in 6 people in the US today whose retirement plan consists of winning the lottery. (Odds are an average of 1 in 30 million)  You could hope that you are the heir to a vast fortune from an unknown relative. Those odds are even worse than winning the lottery.

Or…, you can use this guide to start your own business from home.

Take charge of your future, do it for yourself and set your own limits.

Find out more… order your copy today!

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